Join the Club

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pagoda Motorcycle Club. We are a family oriented club consisting of road, off-road, and social members. We hold events annually, supported 100% by volunteer member efforts.

To become a member of the club, you must be invited to join by two active Club members who will present you to the Club. Meetings are held twice monthly on Thursday at 8:00PM, and both sponsors and applicants must be present for 3 meetings. The Club Vice President will address new members, explain basic rules of the Club, and answer questions.  The best way to make first contact with the club and find active members to sponsor your application is to come out to a work party, put in some time, and show your commitment.

At your first meeting, you must arrive on time, by 7:30pm, and you are expected to pay an administrative  fee as follows: $60.00 - Active status, $30.00- Junior status (under 18 years of age), or $30.00 - Social status, in addition to a $5.00 waiver fee. Each Active or Junior applicant must own a motorcycle or have access to one and be able to ride. Following your 3rd meeting, you will be notified of your acceptance, at which time you pay your annual (calendar year) membership dues. At this time you would also receive your membership card.

In order to maintain your membership you must work 5 event days and 3 work parties annually. Once the application / acceptance process is complete, you are able to obtain a track pass during regularly scheduled meeting. Requirements to maintain you track pass will be distributed during our mandatory annual track pass meeting or can be obtained by our track pass coordinator.

The events throughout the year support our club, maintain the track, equipment, property, and keep the cost of membership low. After what may seem like a lengthy process, you will make new friends and enjoy newfound camaraderie with people who have similar interests. Please keep in mind that you are joining a CLUB, not a TRACK, and with that the responsibility to share in the work. If you are having difficulty locating sponsorship, simply come to the club during any event, offer to help and make some contacts, you should have no difficulty finding sponsorship once you make an effort to contribute.

2024 Club Meeting Nights

January 4th & 18th
February 1st, 15th & 29th
March 14th & 28th
April 1311th & 25th
May 9th & 23rd
June 6th & 20th
July 6th & 20th
August 1st, 15th & 29th
September 112th & 26th
October 10th & 24th
November 7th & 21st
December 5th & 19th

2024 Club Work Parties

February 24th

March 2nd & 30th

April 6th

May 18th

June 8th & 29th

July 13th & 27th

August 10th,24th &31st

September 7th & 21st

October 5th

November 9th & 16th