Junk Car Race


2020 Junk Car Races

Saturday, April  25th 2020

Saturday, November 7th 2020


8AM - Gates Open
2PM - Tech Inspection Closes
4PM - Heat Races Start


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  1. Body style open to all two-wheel drive cars between 1960 to present. Minimum wheelbase is 101.0 inches. Body and chassis must remain stock. No alterations: ground effects and hood scoops not allowed. Must have a 12-inch hole in center of Hood. Stacks cannot be higher than roof line. No spring or body spacers of any kind! Sunroofs must be covered with 18 gauge or thicker metal. No tie rod modifications!
  2. Maximum bumper height is 21.5 inches from bottom of bumper to ground. No modified bumpers allowed. (No loading bumpers)
  3. Radiators must be in stock location. Antifreeze MUST be removed before entering club grounds. All types of hoses will stay in the engine compartment. Must be filled with water for all inspections. Fan blades must be removed. Electric fans only. Plastic blades only.
  4. All glass must be removed before entering club grounds. No broken glass inside car. Welded fence wire 1/2 by 1/2 by 14 gauge - 2 layer and will be minimal. Securely mounted all the way across windshield area. Center post1 inch wide by quarter inch thick must be used to support wire and roof. Found at Lowes.
  5. Interior - everything must be removed except front seat and dash. Optional roll bar to floor pans only. Roll cages cannot be extended past the passenger compartment of the car. A support bar is required to be welded behind seat (B pillar) and must be plated. ALL LARGE CARS MUST HAVE SUPPORT BAR & PLATES TO PASS TECH.
  6. Battery - in a battery box, covered with floor mat or large piece of rubber, securely anchored in area vacated by the rear seat with two forms of ratchet straps or chains only. Marine style or RV style. No self-tap screws the broken battery boxes.
  7. Fuel tank - marine style tank. 6-gallon max. Fuel injection and electric fuel pumps are permitted. No stock tanks. No self-taping screws. Must be securely anchored in area vacated by rear seat with two forms of ratchet straps or chains only.
  8. Accessories - Remove white metal, plastic clips, plastic, molding and clips, window chrome, windshield molding, mirrors, door handles, locks, wheel weights,bumper guards/bumperettes and plastic bumper covers, stock fuel tanks. No trailer hitches are accepted.
  9. Doors - must be chained or welded. Two forms of quarter inch chain a minimum.
  10. Hood and trunk lid must be chained close. 1/4 inch chain a minimum. Must be opened for inspection. Trunk must be empty and free of debris. Must have hood. Trunks can be tucked, but no wedging or welding
  11. Tires - No studded tires. Air-filled only.
  12. Bumpers - two 1/4 inch minimum chains will go through front and rear bumpers. Required on all makes & models. Absolutely no loaded bumpers allowed
  13. On the center of the roof, you must have a 16-inch-high by 24-inch-wide piece of metal in a tent shape, painted yellow, mounted securely in the center of roof prior to entering the ground (this is for numbers to be assigned). See diagram below.
  14. After inspections the race car(s) cannot leave the premises.
  15. Mandatory drivers meeting, time to be determined before the race, at the Pavilion - driver and passenger must attend!
  16. All large cars must have a seat bar. Halo bar is optional. Suspensions must move, No locked suspensions. No hump plates allowed on the frame
  17. One pit vehicle per race vehicle. Take all spare and blown tires home with you.
  18. Fire extinguisher recommended inside of car securely mounted.
  19. If using outside door plates, 1/4-inch flat stock only 6-inch max with, no more than 6 inches past each seam.
  20. Any intimidation on any official including driver, passenger, or crew, will be ejected immediately from the grounds. This is a fun day! Leave your attitude at home! All decisions are final.


  1. Open to all wheel drive cars manufactured between 1967 to present. Including S10, Blazers & Ford Bronco 2's; four-wheel drive must be disconnected. Car must remain stock. No structural modifications to frame or body. Maximum wheelbase 105.0 inches. No spaces of any kind! Sunroofs must be covered with 18-gauge metal or thicker. Engines must be factory installed 4 cylinders only. No 6 or 8 cylinders are permitted. No Volkswagen Beetles, Corvair’s or composite body panel cars will be accepted! No tie rod modifications! ​
  2. Maximum bumper height is 18 inches.

Rules 3 through 20 are the same as large car class!

For building/tech questions prior to race day, contact Terry Higgins 570-801-5050.

Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted.

All other inquires please call the clubhouse at 610-582-3717 on a Thursday evenings between 7 and 9 p.m. or check out our website at www.pagodamc.org

Thanks for entering, please have arrangements to have your cars removed at the event conclusion. Pagoda M.C is not interested in retaining any cars.

Download Rules as PDF

Last updated Jan. 2017